Telium Software

Telium Software

Introducing Telium2 – Ingenico Group’s powerful single software platform.

Ingenico Group’s Telium2 offers a core operating system that provides standardized architecture for all our new generation POS terminals. Designed to optimize hardware performance, Telium2 delivers on multiple levels:

  • Reinforces payment security by integrating added features (deletion of sensitive data, terminal cut-off, etc.)
  • Increases transaction speed by leveraging a dual processor architecture
  • Streamlines management of multiple applications and services (credit or debit operations, EMV chip, mobile NFC and contactless payments, mobile top-ups, e-Wallets, loyalty schemes, and more)

The Telium2 platform propels our devices to the next level, particularly in terms of value, speed and reliability. This superior technology allows for the ultimate in compact product design while increasing – not sacrificing – function, security, and features.

With a library of over 800 value-added applications, Telium2 is a uniquely scalable operating system. It creates an ideal environment for the deployment of EMV, NFC and contactless payment solutions as well as exclusive applications tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.

Here are just some of the additional shared advantages of Ingenico Group devices that employ Telium2:

  • Ease of installation and intuitive use
  • Exceptional communication support
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Transaction security
  • Transparency of activity
  • Multiple value-added applications/services


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