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Switching to EMV

The U.S. switchover to secure EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and VISA) payments has occured; it is simply a matter of time until the entire North American payments industry adopts this proven chip-based card authentication technology that meets global EMV security standards.

Transforming the current U.S. payments infrastructure, including upgrading payment networks and devices, will offer complex challenges and enormous benefits. A smooth transition will require extensive knowledge and global expertise in EMV protocol, smartcard payment processing and card data security.

EMV Resource

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Accepting EMV / Cheat Sheet

With the EMV migration deadline now passed in the US, questions about why businesses should accept EMV chip cards are pouring in. A lot of these questions are based on incorrect information and myths that are rampant in the industry right now. Here are 6 reasons why businesses should start accepting EMV.