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The widespread and growing cost of fraud as a result of counterfeit cards or compromised card data is pushing the U.S. payments industry toward the more secure – and globally accepted – EMV-based card authentication standards.

Because EMV standards are not new – EMV is mature and widely used in the rest of the world – the U.S. will be able to leverage existing expertise to speed its own implementation. At the same time, achieving a smooth transition in the large and decentralized U.S. financial marketplace will require that all industry stakeholders fully understand and agree upon EMV’s operational elements.

The U.S. must implement EMV in ways that ensure payment transactions here are interoperable and compatible with those in the rest of the world. As your trusted EMV technology partner, Ingenico Group is dedicated to providing the latest resources, updates, guides, and best practices to ensure your EMV migration is as seamless as our payment solutions.

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Visa® Quick Chip and MasterCard® M/Chip Fast for EMV®

Have questions about the Visa Quick Chip and MasterCard M/Chip Fast enhancements? How do they work and how they benefit both consumers and merchants? Our Ingenico Group experts have put together an FAQ sheet to help you understand these new EMV enhancements from Visa and MasterCard. Download the FAQ sheet and learn more.

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The U.S. Chip-onomics: Measuring EMV Adoption & Consumer Perception / Report

Ingenico Group released the results of an exclusive survey of 1,000+ U.S. consumers providing insights on their use of EMV (chip) debit and credit cards. The survey results identify five key factors that impact the success of the EMV migration in the U.S.: merchant preparedness, consumer preparedness, cardholder perceptions, habituation and education. Download the full report to read the rest of the findings and learn more about key opportunities that will help bolster your EMV migration efforts.

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Breaking Down the EMV Liability Shift / ebook

With the October deadline for the EMV liability shift approaching quickly, merchants are still looking to better understand what the liability shift actually means for them. The following e-book is designed to educate merchants, service providers and other stakeholders within the payments ecosystem about the EMV liability shift in a clear manner. 

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5 Key Factors Impacting EMV Migration / Infographic

Check out our new infographic to learn the 5 key factors impacting EMV migration.