Ingenico’s EMV-Ready Payment Solutions

The U.S. switchover to secure EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and VISA) payments has occured; it is simply a matter of time until the entire U.S. payments industry adopts this proven chip-based card authentication technology that meets global EMV security standards.

Transforming the current U.S. payments infrastructure, including upgrading payment networks and devices, will offer complex challenges and enormous benefits. A smooth transition will require extensive knowledge and global expertise in EMV protocol, smartcard payment processing and card data security.

With a worldwide presence in 125 countries and three decades of leadership in the global payment industry, Ingenico offers unparalleled experience in implementing EMV solutions for both in-store and mobile payments.

Discover our broad range of secure EMV-enabled smart terminals.

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Discover our flexible and innovative EMV-enabled mobile solutions

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EMV-Ready Solutions for Every Business Segment

Ingenico provides the most innovative and secure EMV-ready solutions for every merchant segment, as well as a broad range of channel partners. Ongoing collaboration with all industry stakeholders, including card brands, merchants, processors/acquirers, banks, and system integrators worldwide, puts Ingenico at the forefront of successful EMV implementation.

In fact, all Ingenico payment touchpoints are EMV-ready and have been PCI DSS approved since 2009. Check out the broad range of merchant segments and channel partners we work with to deliver the industry’s most innovative and secure, EMV-ready solutions.

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