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Ingenico Group Supports Android Pay / Next Steps for Customers

Ingenico Group’s smart terminals and mobile solutions will be able to process Android Pay™ transactions in the United States once it launches later this summer. The terminals and solutions also support Android Pay’s loyalty and promotional offers functionality, used to replace store loyalty cards and redeem coupons via NFC.

Virtually all Ingenico Group terminals and solutions implemented in the U.S. by large and medium-tier merchants are NFC-enabled, and many of those merchants have already enabled this capability in order to accept other types of mobile wallet transactions. The majority of smaller merchants who are using Ingenico Group solutions are already receiving NFC-ready terminals, through their merchant service providers.

The new Android Pay solution is expected to quickly become a popular payment method for Android users. As soon as Android Pay is available, Ingenico Group strives to simplify payment for merchants and help customers to accept multiple payment methods including new payment alternatives. If you aren’t sure if you have activated contactless within your payment application, please contact your account manager and we will assist you with next steps.

For more information, read our press release, Ingenico Group Terminals Ready for Android Pay.

Watch the Google Conference video with the Android Pay demo below:

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