Direct Selling

direct selling solutions / real time, secure transactions for your customers

Direct sellers, such as one-to-one field sales professionals or in-home party planners, often struggle to keep up with fast-changing technologies and growing industry regulation. Manually processing credit card transactions alone can easily jeopardize cardholder security and PCI compliance.

Our goal is to help direct sellers leverage innovative sales, marketing, and reporting applications to create a more robust, seamless, and secure shopping experience for their customers and drive measureable value to their bottom line.

Direct sellers can show customers product catalogs, check real-time inventory levels, and take payments—all in real time and at the point of sale.

Reduce sales costs and improve the shopping experience with a tailored mPOS solution

  • Gain huge cost savings by avoiding card-not-present transactions. Accept secure card payments in the field, in customers’ homes, or wherever a sales opportunity may be
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities with the ability to upsell and cross-sell on the spot
  • Minimize lost revenue due to post-party credit card declines or insufficient funds
  • Quickly become a recognized industry leader by integrating advanced sales automation tools to quickly and reliably process sales

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Reduce sales costs and improve the shopping experience with a tailored mPOS solution

ROI Calculator

Direct Selling / ROI Calculators

There is a simple and inexpensive way for the direct selling industry to reduce its volume of card-not-present (CNP) transactions and their resulting fees. This is by bringing the payment process to the point of delivery using secure mPOS solutions. Calculate monthly savings and the ROI on mPOS solution by using this calculator.