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For non profits, fundraising is often the key driver sustaining – not to mention growing – their operations, and a key function of their business. With an mPOS system, non profits can make every event a fundraising event and can increase donation size, improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and more.

The majority of charitable giving occurs during face-to-face solicitation and the faster, more convenient and more secure donor experience that an mPOS solution offers, not only builds credibility, it drives greater awareness of and funding for non-profits.

Increase efficiency and lower fundraising costs with a tailored mPOS solution

  •  Improve brand perception of your charitable organization or non-profit by providing a secure, trusted way to accept donations
  • Increase number of donations and gain higher contributions at events by eliminating the hassle of checks and manual data entry
  • Board, activate, and deactivate users within minutes
  • Create a customized mPOS solution for your specific organization needs​

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