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The Pathway to POS Success

EMV, NFC, and all of the latest mobile payment types are top-of-mind for independent sales organizations (ISOs) and acquirers these days. These companies know that offering the most innovative and secure point of sale solutions is essential to growing merchant relationships and helping them build their business.

That’s why the industry’s leading ISOs and acquirers are leveraging Ingenico Group’s smart terminals and mobile solutions to gain speed-to-market and access to the best technology, without having to build their own solutions from the ground up. Our broad range of payment solutions enable their merchant customers to accept any form of payment, from anywhere a sale may be.

An Industry-Proven POS Partner

Ready to get started? By teaming with Ingenico Group, banks and other FIs gain access to our industry and technical knowhow, innovative product roadmap, and skilled payment experts. This partnership enables FIs to expand their service offerings, drive new revenue opportunities, and become recognized leaders in the payments arena.

Offer secure payment solutions to your merchants with our Ingenico Smart Terminals:

  • Maintain a competitive advantage against other merchant service providers by offering the solutions your merchants need to accept all of the latest methods of payment, including EMV and NFC
  • Provide seamless and secure smart terminals that will protect your merchants and their customers from fraud
  • Partner with a payment solution provider that has the resources and services to help you successfully market, sell, and support your Ingenico Smart Terminals

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Meet merchant demand with an innovative mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that your merchants can trust:

  • Gain speed-to-market with an end-to-end mPOS solution that can be rapidly deployed, easily managed and works across devices, operating systems, and payment types
  • White label the complete mPOS solution and extend your brand across the entire mPOS platform
  • Expand your SMB service offerings by providing mPOS capabilities to merchants across all channels, including bank branches and business service websites
  • Gain access to the tools you need to easily board and manage large merchant fleets
  • Leverage our built-in security to meet industry and regulatory requirements

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The Pathway to POS Success

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Choosing The Right Payment Technology Partner / Checklist

In the payments industry, to be successful in delivering strong solutions that meet merchants’ needs, it’s important to find a payments technology partner that complements your business and makes it easier for you to get to market. To assist you in choosing a technology partner, we’ve created a checklist designed to help you weigh different criteria for delivering successful payment solutions to your customers.