Canadian mobile digital identity service to launch this fall

Suzan Denoncourt of Ingenico Group along with Prodigy Labs gave a product demonstration at IdentityNorth 2018 regarding digital ID and authentication

A long-awaited Canadian mobile digital identity validation service supported by Canada’s biggest banks and telcos will launch this fall, with hopes it will be a big boost to the digital economy.

Called Verified.Me, the service installs an app on a mobile device that confirms a user’s identity, allowing businesses and governments to immediately do transactions without demanding proof of identity.

The fall launch of the service was announced this week at the Identity North conference in Toronto by Andre Boysen, chief identity officer of Toronto-based SecureKey, which operates the network the service runs on.

In addition to banks and telcos – who provide the identity confirmation side of transactions – Boysen hopes the federal and some provincial governments will quickly sign on as well.

“The concept is you can choose to create a digital identity from the trusted relationships you have, like your bank, telco or government. Then you can use it across the [digital] economy,” he told the conference.

The potential for the solution is being explored by a number of organizations. At the conference officials from IngenicoCanada, part of an international company providing secure authentication and payment solutions, and Prodigy Ventures, a Toronto developer with experience in secure ID and mobility, demonstrated a solution to make it easier for a charitable organization to get donations from people on the go. The charity advertises for donations on a large digital screen in a mall or public place, with a QR code for a mobile device with a Verified.Me app to scan. The app confirms ID, makes a donation and emails a receipt to the donor.

Other potential uses range from using the app to prove to a landlord you are a good risk to rent an apartment or opening a new bank account online.

Getting this to market, though, has taken longer than expected. In fact 12 months ago at last year’s Identity North conference backers were hoping it would be live either late 2017 or early this year.

SecureKey made a big splash several months earlier at an IBM conference announcing the companies were working on the platform to enable secure digital identity and attribute sharing using Big Blue’s blockchain service.

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