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Moby/5500 / Images

Download high-resolution images for the Moby/5500. 

Moby/5500 / Datasheet

A versatile range of compact card readers to accept all transaction types

Personalizing the Customer Journey / White Paper

Download this white paper to learn how PIN on Mobile works and how your business can benefit from this technology.

Choosing the Right Payment Technology: What ISVs Should Know / Recorded Webinar

What should independent software vendors (ISVs) consider when making a list of potential payment solution providers? One item often at the top of the list is price, but focusing too much on that single criterion could end up costing more, not less.

In this webinar, see recent data showing why it's at least equally important to include such factors as innovation, service and support, reliability, and product range, including everything from fixed to mobile.

Reinvigorating In-Store Retail With Commerce Experiences / Report

Learn the key to satisfying in-store shoppers and avoiding missed sales opportunities by utilizing technologies to streamline the payment process. Download this report to learn more.

Why Personalizing the Customer Journey Yields Extreme Results / Report

IHL, a global research and advisory firm, found that the most popular way that retailers track consumers today is through a loyalty program. Twenty-nine percent of retailers have loyalty programs and 68 percent plan to have them in the next two years. Heat mapping and traffic counting is the second most popular way to track consumers, with 21 percent doing it today and 51 percent of retailers planning to implement it within the next two years. Read the full report.