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Multiplex Partners with Ingenico Group and Datacap Systems to Enhance Moviegoers' Experience / Case Study

Download this case study to learn how the Brooklyn-based Nighthawk Cinemas partnered with Ingenico Group and Datacap Systems to enhance moviegoers' experience

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Focus Series / episode 01

How biometry and facial recognition will redefine payment strategies!

Facial Recognition System on POS blends in with the Lane/5000 Camera offering “stronger customer authentication” and enabling:
  •  Further payment convenience: no need to remember the PIN code.
  •  Higher Security: a facial recognition system can be added to PIN entry to secure authentication and reduce fraud risks.

Moby/8500 / Datasheet

Next Gen Chip & PIN Mobile Card Reader

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The State of EMV in the U.S. / Infographic

It's been two years since the EMV liability shifted in the US. Where do we stand now? View the infographic below to see the state of EMV today.

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iPP 315 / Datasheets

The multi-payment PIN Pad that simplifies checkouts

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The Secret Behind Successful Restaurants / Recorded Webinar

The food & beverage industry is constantly changing and businesses need to adapt to it. Join Mark Bunny and Ben Wagner in this free recorded webinar as they talk about how restaurants can use secure payments to boost their bottom line & elevate the dining experience. Attendee takeaways include:

  • Learn about the industry trends driving the changes in restaurant payments - i.e. pay-at-the-table
  • Get tools on how to increase security and prevent a data breach in your restaurant
  • Learn how you can leverage the latest payment technologies to enhance the guest experience - mPOS, tablet POS, unattended solutions and more 
  • Hear success stories from restaurants who are already using the latest payment innovations to boost their brand image, improve guest satisfaction and increase their bottom line
  • Receive implementation and deployment best practices

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