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Desk/3500 - Datasheets

Accept any payment at the counter with the Desk/3500

How Mobility and Better Security Can Save Cost and Boost Your Business / White Paper

Pizza delivery is a competitive business, and profit margins are often slim. Download this white paper to learn how using mPOS solutions at the point of delivery can save costs and improve operations.

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Understanding the 5 Core Enterprise Requirements for mPOS / ebook

Our free ebook - Understanding the 5 Core Enterprise Requirements for mPOS, is aimed to educate and inform merchants about the benefits of implementing enterprise mPOS strategies in their business. Download and learn more.

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Changing Hospitality with Streamlined Data & Payment Processing / Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, executives from StayNTouch, Merchant Link and Ingenico Group will discuss:

  • The challenges the hospitality industry is facing in regards to data and payment security
  • How cloud solutions allow hotels to avoid liability risks by utilizing integrations
  • Why it's beneficial to be able to bring payments to the consumer through mobility (makes the process more transparent and gives guests more control with transactions)        
  • The importance of a multi-layered security approach to securing guest card data (EMV, P2PE and Tokenization)              
  • Choosing the right technology for your property

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Move/3500 - Datasheets

The Move/3500 offers a seamless payment experience on-the-go

7 Payment Predictions to Look For in 2017 / Infographic

As we move forward in 2017, we look forward to new payment innovations, unique payment experiences and everything the New Year has to offer. We asked a few payment experts to share their predictions for the payments industry in 2017.