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PIN on Mobile Explained / White Paper

Download this white paper to learn how PIN on Mobile works and how your business can benefit from this technology.

Restaurant Payments: Your Guide to Innovative Restaurant Payment Solutions / Playbook

In the restaurant industry, it is imperative to deliver a seamless, personal and innovative guest experience. With so many opportunities for customer interactions and potential sales, it's a must to have payment solutions and systems at every point of interaction. Learn how you can use payment solutions to boost your bottom line while elevating the dining experience. 

Redefining Payments with Unattended Solutions / Recorded Webinar

Unattended payments are no longer limited to the vending of snacks and beverages. It’s now evolved into a new payment channel to purchase almost anything. Whether it’s at a restaurant, a clothing store, a hotel, or even an office building; unattended solutions have redefined the way businesses can accept payment.

Join us and our guest, Avanti Markets, for our recorded webinar - Redefining Payments with Unattended Solutions.

Attendee takeaways include:

·         Understand the evolution of unattended payments and what’s driving the shift towards it

·         Explore the several unattended payment use cases, across several verticals

·         Hear the wealth of benefits and features the latest unattended payment solutions offer

·         Receive unattended payment implementation and deployment best practices to ensure a seamless roll-out

Four Corners of Global Payments / White Paper

It is a time of increasing freedom and global accessibility, with consumer demand prompting technology innovation, resulting in rapid lifestyle changes around the world. Consumers are no longer limited by time or distance, and they are increasingly looking outside their borders to find the products and services they desire. This creates considerable opportunities for online merchants who are looking to grow and expand their business.

Lane/3000 - Datasheets

Create new checkout experiences with Ingenico Group's Lane/3000.

Download datasheet

Restaurant Payment Solutions / Interactive Brochure

Explore restaurant payment use cases with our interactive brochure.

View brochure