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Why travel brands need to be preparing for a new payments landscape

Payment methods around the world are diverging and while this is creating complexity, there are also opportunities for travel brands willing to embrace the payments revolution finds a new free report.

March 21, 2018

What Merchants Should Know About the UX Journey

Merchants can leverage new technology to further simplify, streamline and personalize the online shopping journey, which establishes trust and builds repeat customers

March 20, 2018

PIN-on-Glass Technology Will Be Deployed In an Ingenico Test With MyPINPad

Ingenico Group to test the PIN-on-glass specification in conjunction with MyPINPad 

March 16, 2018

7 Commonly Asked Pay-at-the-Table Questions by Restaurant Owners

Ingenico Group lists the most frequently asked pay-at-the-table questions it receives and discusses the answers. 

March 16, 2018

MyPinPad, Ingenico Group team up to pilot PoM

MyPinPad's PoM product, called MPES, is being integrated with Ingenico's payments solution

March 15, 2018

PayThink: Merchants Are Losing Time To Embrace IoT, Personalization And Gig Payments

The fridge, car, home assistant, smart watch, etc., will be able to initiate digital payments both online and on-location, and some will even be able to accept payment as well, and payment companies will need to respond, according to Michel Leger, executive vice president of innovation at Ingenico Group.

March 13, 2018