Telium TETRA

The Telium TETRA offer allows value-added services to be seamlessly deployed in the payment value chain.​

Ingenico Group's Telium TETRA range of payment solutions create a breakthrough in the way payment service providers can operate their fleet and finally handle legacy payment activities while transitioning to the digital age. This makes it a unique ecosystem and a perfect opportunity for the payment industry to enhance the consumer experience.

The new Telium TETRA suite relies on a new generation operating system and 4 major offers: Payment Terminals, Payment Applications, the Estate Manager and the Marketplace.

Payment Terminals


Answer all payment needs and meet the most demanding use cases

Ingenico Smart Terminals satisfy the most demanding expectations of merchants, retailers and banks. We bring a consumer-centric approach to vertical markets (including hospitality, retail, vending, banks & acquirers and transportation) with payment solutions to cover all points of transactions.

- Support any payment method.
- Enhance consumer interaction with rich multimedia possibilities. 
- Meet the latest security standards.


AXIUM Series

The Axium series is range of a scalable and modular tablet-based business and payment solution that helps merchants build smarter businesses and create personalized in-store experiences.

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Lane Series

The Lane series combines universal payment acceptance and third-party apps to reinvent consumer experiences.

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Desk Series

The Desk series meets the most demanding use cases, turning the point of sale into a point of service capable of running interactive business apps on its large touchscreen.

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Move Series

The Move series is a game changer, opening the portable payment terminal to a new world of business apps.

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Operating System

Secure in payment. Open to creativity with Telium TETRA

With 30 years of experience, Ingenico Group has developed a unique experience in designing best-in-class secured operating systems managing over 2500 payment applications.

On its latest generation of Telium TETRA payment terminals, Ingenico Group has designed a new Operating System, with a user-friendly interface, openness to the web standard and security at its core. This new future-proof Operating System embeds powerful and innovative security mechanisms to bridge secure payment with an open web-based environment. A new experience is within reach for developers, users and final consumers.

  • A proven OS for payment.
  • Designed for enhanced user experience.
  • Best-in-class security.
  • Open to worldwide apps.
  • A new experience for developers, users & consumers.


Telium TETRA

Payment Applications

Over 30 years of payment innovations

With our North America based development and QA teams and its expertise, Ingenico Group can support all your payment needs from standardized schemes, to the latest payment innovations and tailored solutions.

We have supported the North American payment industry locally for over 30 years. We can handle all methods of payment and were among the first to support Interac EMV and Contactless. Above and beyond traditional credit and debit card we can help you with your projects for closed-loop payment networks, contactless or NFC technologies solutions and more.

The Telium TETRA suite has been designed to fully leverage Ingenico Group's large application portfolio to accelerate the deployment of new solutions.

  • Pick & choose from a unique payment applications portfolio
  • Benefit from our unique international expertise with a presence in 125 countries
  • Accelerate the deployment of your solutions

The Estate Manager

Ingenico Group makes estate management easy by providing a single central solution adapted to all types of fleets, whatever their size and terminal configurations. Click below to learn more about Ingenico Group's Estate Management solution.​

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Ingenico Group's Estate Manager


Marketplace / Build applications that create enriched merchant-consumer interactions

It’s time to revolutionize the point of sale. With the Marketplace, we’re opening up the world of payment and enabling developers to become an integral part of the payment value chain. You now have the opportunity to build and distribute a broad range of merchant and consumer-facing applications to a variety of market segments, allowing them to create new consumer experiences - right at the point of sale.

Run your consumer-facing applications right at the point of sale

Leveraging open HTML5 web technology, you can develop innovative merchant or consumer-centric business apps, such as employee time tracking, couponing, advertising, satisfaction surveys, or anything else that can create a new commerce experience - the possibilities are endless. These applications are compatible with our next-generation smart terminals ranging from in-lane, countertop, and wireless terminals - running on our new Telium TETRA operating system (OS) - to cover a wide range of merchant segments and use cases.

Whether these apps are an enabler of consumer engagement and loyalty, or a tool to improve day-to-day operations, merchants have the ability to use the applications that best meet their needs.

The Telium TETRA operating system combines its proven and secure OS, specifically used for payment, with the openness of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to streamline, simplify, and speed up the process for developing value-added services that create new consumer experiences and drive additional revenue opportunities for merchants.
  • Develop with your own regular development tools, using most of the popular HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks
  • Get your app ready with Ingenico’s tools for debugging, packaging and testing
  • Gain easy and secure access to the hosted Marketplace, exposing your applications to merchants around the world


Start building value-added POS apps today.

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