Distribution, Deployment, Installation

Whether you are deploying to a new location, upgrading an existing location, or performing an exchange, our specialized deployment services will customize your configuration and provide key injection, testing and 100% quality inspection. Your Ingenico Smart Terminals will then be shipped directly to your customers, along with any specialized Ingenico or third-party accessories.

Adding the enhanced option of Help Desk Services for a full turnkey solution, ensures complete satisfaction for you and your customers. Once they receive their equipment, customers can contact the Ingenico Help Desk for a faster, easier installation. 

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Kitting and Deployment

Different features are included in the kitting and deployment services packages, depending on if you select Standard or Customized Service.


Standard kitting and deployment service:

  • Customization (application load)
  • Outgoing diagnostics via Repair Maintenance Software (RMS)
  • Key injection
  • Quality assurance
  • Direct shipment to stores
  • Standard accessories
  • Standard packaging

Customized kitting and deployment service:

  • Customization (application load)
  • Outgoing diagnostics via Repair
  • Maintenance Software (RMS)
  • Key injection
  • Quality assurance
  • Direct shipment to stores
  • Ingenico and/or third-party accessories
  • Customized packaging
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized reporting
  • Prepaid return label (for exchanges)
  • Upgrade of equipment returned (for exchanges)
  • Certified destruction of returned equipment (for upgrades)
  • Complete tracking information for all shipments
  • Unlimited number of devices per location
  • Detailed asset management per location

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Field Installation and Exchange

If you need an exchange of payment terminals, along with an on-site field technician to perform a hassle-free installation, simply send a request. Our project team will ensure your new equipment is customized, configured, shipped and installed, and previously installed equipment is returned—all while keeping you updated at every step with automated alerts. A highly qualified field service technician ensures a quality installation so that your store is up and running with almost no downtime.

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Distribution, Customization and Key Injection

Are you looking to upgrade your software on Ingenico Smart Terminals or have new keys injected? You can count on our distribution, customization and key injection services to meet your specific needs. Encryption key management and key injection are both mandatory for any electronic payment system utilizing debit keys. We are the key holder for the majority of processors and acquirers, and can deliver fully-configured terminals with the latest keys and software for your Ingenico Smart Terminals.

To ensure outstanding service capabilities, Ingenico makes ongoing investments in maintenance infrastructure, staff education and development, while continuing to utilize the most progressive policies and procedures. With a dedicated maintenance facility in United States, which is regularly audited and certified by all relevant regulatory organizations including PCI, processors and banks, Ingenico is situated to handle large and complex issues with complete security. Our facilities are physically and electronically secure, with redundant verification and data encryption. No other provider or third-party repair service can offer this level of safeguards.

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Asset Management

Paired with any of our Warranty or Advance Replacement programs, Ingenico’s Asset Management solution is the simple and secure solution for estate-wide terminal and software management. With serialized asset tracking, realtime control over downloads and upgrades, and customized reporting, our Asset Management solution provides everything you need to remotely manage your enterprise-wide payment infrastructure.

With Ingenico’s Asset Management solution you benefit from First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management, and regular reporting if requested. Additionally, you can ensure environmentally-friendly disposition of end-of-life devices. Our system can be integrated with your transaction processing database or your inventory-tracking database, enabling realtime transparency and visibility into all of your critical information.

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